1. It’s your wedding. You want this day to be perfect, and you want your memories of the day to be filled with joy and fondness. So here are some tips on getting the best photos for your special day.

2. When thinking of where you would like to hold your festivities, try to find a space that has a lot of shade if the wedding or other activities will be outside. Direct sunlight can turn your lovely face into a raccoon. Bright shade is best.


3. For most weddings, plan at least 90 minutes to 2 hours for photos of the family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. and then the intimate couple shots that are so fun to do. Many brides and/or their mothers do not plan enough time for photos.

4. The bride should, perhaps with the help from Mom, decide which photos she will actually put into the album, and then plan for those. There are endless combinations of family and friend shots. Ask yourself: what photos are actually going to make it into the album? Do we need all of these endless combinations of people?

5. Plan your big photo session with the entire group shots first, then move on to the elderly, then move on to the others.

6. Brides should assign a Mom or sister or friend to be her personal assistant to always check to make sure she looks perfect: dress, hair, etc.


7. Make sure you plan to get some candid, intimate shots of yourselves. Go to a shady place and get chatty. I’ll do the rest. These are often the most prized shots.

8. When crafting your wedding album, be sure to include some photos in black and white. Often, journalistic photos look great in black and white, giving an artistic immediacy to the day’s events. In my photo packages that include albums, I always include a healthy dose of black and white photos.


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