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Hi! I’m David Sidwell, and I love weddings. Perhaps I’m just a sensitive new age guy, but weddings are fun, and everyone is in a good mood.

There is simply nothing like seeing a new bride and groom coming together and never getting tired of looking at each other. And kissing. There’s that, too. It’s fun to watch! I  just LOVE becoming new friends with the bride and groom. It’s what makes the day so special.

I’m also a professional storyteller, and I tell stories all over the U.S. at festivals and other events. As a storyteller, I can see the value of capturing your story in unique ways and making sure it is compelling and clear.

I teach storytelling, theatre and art history classes at Utah State University and BYU-Idaho. These things give me an artistic sensibility, and I strive to create images that are suitable for hanging in an art gallery–or in your own home!

Give me a call, and as you create your most memorable day, I’ll make sure the story gets the artistic qualities it deserves.



David Sidwell

dr.davidsidwell (@) gmail.com
(435) 764-2006

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